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Conferences 2022

Conference #1 - The challenges of mastering metal technology in additive manufacturing

Vincent Nuttens – 3D Medical

Additive manufacturing - an essential technology in the digital chain for companies in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

Conference #2 - Haïku: in the time of economic uncertainty, the performance is maintained due to the key competencies of Toyota Production System

Paul Ferry,  Pierre Gosset, Nicolas Maksud, Pascal Pigeot.

The Toyota Production System, the only sustainable performance management. Its keys of success ? The basics of Taiichi Ohno that adapt to all businesses, social and economic developments and all cultures.

Conference #3 - How CETIM supports the electrification of vehicles

Vincent Caulet.

Electromobility is moving forward, but in what form does it take to participate significantly in reducing CO2 emission due to the traffic? Batteries, fuel cells, …

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