Would you like to invite your existing or potential clients to come and discuss possible business opportunities?

You now have the opportunity of offering your clients this new package which allows them to benefit from a programme that mixes business with the discovery of one of the oldest and most prestigious endurance races in the world on Friday 18th September.

This package comes in three formulas:

Morning + lunch

Morning +lunch + afternoon

Morning + lunch +afternoon + evening

The personalized pack for the morning + lunch include the followings benefits :

- Access to the Convention area to enable you to meet the person who invited you

- Meet the convention participants, exhibitors and demonstrators

- The possibility of being interviewed by professional media (technical, sports, business)

- Attend conferences and technical presentations

- Lunch invitation

- Souvenir gift of the event

The personalized pack for the morning + lunch + afternoon include the added followings benefits :

- Private and guided tour of the paddocks and pits of a racing team participating

in the Le Mans 24 Hours race

- Tech Talk at Dunlop Motorsport or Michelin Competition

The personalized pack for the morning + lunch + afternoon + evening include the followings benefits :

- Invitation to the gourmet dinner on Thursday

-  Opportunity to view, by night, the qualifying practice session from a private location situated on the 2nd chicane of the Mulsanne straight.

1 person

Formula 1: Morning + lunch
... € 495 excl. tax

Formula 2: Morning + lunch + afternoon 
... € 645 excl. tax (Thursday)

... € 745 excl. tax (Friday)

Formula 3: Morning + lunch + afternoon + evening
€ 795 excl. tax (Thursday)

... € 895 excl. tax (Friday) 

GUEST (Thursday)

Thank a loyal customer, engage a potential customer or reward a partner by inviting them to share the intense and unforgettable experience of the free and night-time qualifying practice sessions on Thursday 17th September

The pack (for 1 person) includes the following: 

- One 2020 Le Mans 24h VIP pack including documents related to the event, some of which are exclusive to the media, as well as maps, a banner, the official poster, the official programme etc.

- Access to the local produce tasting buffet

- 1 ticket allowing entry to the Le Mans 24 Hours circuit to see the free and qualifying practice session on the Thursday

- Private guided visit of the paddocks and pits of the teams participating in the race

- Tech talk in the Michelin Compétition or the Dunlop Motorsport assembly workshops

- Free time to visit the Le Mans 24 Hours museum, the village and other interesting sights.

- An invitation to the gourmet dinner at the Auberge de Mulsanne.

- The possibility to watch by night the qualifying practice sessions from a private space located on the second chicane of the Mulsanne straight.

THURSDAY (1 Person)
 .....€ 590 excl. tax 

Invited by a participating company to view, in privileged conditions, the Le Mans 24 Hour free and qualifying practice sessions on Thursday 17th September.